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Venue and Accommodation: Holiday Inn Bangkok Silom

About Bangkok, Thailand

Full-on Food

"Until you’ve eaten on a Bangkok street, noodles mingling   with   your   sweat   amid a   cloud   of exhaust fumes, you haven’t  actually eaten  Thai food. It can be an intense mix: the base flavours – spicy, sour,  sweet and   salty – aren’t   exactly meat and potatoes. But for adventurous foodies who   don't   need    white    tablecloths,   there’s probably no better  dining   destination .  in   the world. And   with  immigration   bringing   every regional  Thai and  international  cuisine  to  the capital, it's also a truly diverse experience. And perhaps best of all, Bangkok has got to be one of the best-value dining destinations in  the  world."

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Visa Information 

Visa fee: Pay about 2,000 THB (depending on your country) upon arrival. 

Visa rules: 

  1. The visit is  strictly  for  tourism  purposes.

  2. The  passport must be genuine and should be valid for at least 30 days.

  3. You must  have a valid address in Thailand whether  a hotel or apartment that can  be verified.

  4. You must  have a confirmed return ticket to show that  they are  flying  out  of  Thailand within  15   days  of  entry,  as   appropriate. Open  tickets   do    not    qualify.    Traveling overland out of Thailand by train, bus, etc to Cambodia,   Laos,    Malaysia  (including  en route to Singapore),   Myanmar,   etc  is  not accepted as proof of exiting Thailand.

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